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About NCAO

The object of the Association shall be to bring together the Association members and Canadians through educational, social, cultural and economic activities, to promote the interests of its members, and to foster Nigeria/Canada understanding and co-operation, and shall include:

1, Participating in activities relating to exploring educational, social, cultural and
economic collaboration, opportunities and promotions organized by Canada and other relevant Canadian organizations and authorities

2, Co-operating with local and national authorities to seek Members’ feedback on
laws, regulations and procedures relevant to enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of Canadian collaborative undertakings

3, Promoting educational, social, cultural and economic activities for its members

4, The object of the Association shall be also to promote the welfare of its members and to promote Nigerian culture and traditions to the general Canadian community by Promoting the integration of Nigerian newcomers to Canada

5, Acting as a liaison between members and official representatives of the governments of Nigeria and/or the governments of Canada

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We’re involved with anything that will make the NCAO community better.  Email us  your suggestions. Also visit our events calendar to see what’s coming up, or let us know of any other events we should add. Click here to contact us.

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